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"Rulmeca Repairs Large Motorized Pulley "

Responding to customer's need for special repair, Rulmeca's Wilmington shop tackled its largest Motorized Pulley repair to date...


December 1 , 2006 -- Rulmeca Corporation repaired a Model 630M Motorized Pulley, extending the scope of its repair services to assist a major steel mill address a special problem.

Motorized Pulley model 630 repairModel 630M Drivetrain :
Jay and Merle Graham hoist the massive 24" diameter 15 HP Motorized Pulley after completing repairs. Chronic chute plugging problems caused external end housing damage due to the abrasiveness of the steel mill's sinter.
The one ton Motorized Pulley required end housing repair and also received new seals, gaskets, and oil.
Motorized Pulley model 630 pre-test
Subassembly Testing:
All repaired Motorized Pulleys as well as all newly assembled Motorized Pulleys undergo subassembly testing (prior to final installation of pulley shell and oil) to verify electrical and mechanical performance.
Motorized Pulley model 630 ready for shipmentReady for Transport:
After final assembly and testing, the Motorized Pulley is palletized and returned to the steel mill.

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