January 2010

Cargill Deicing Solves Salty Problems with Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys

Cargill Deicing Barge Loader with Rulmeca Motorized Pulley

Cargill Deicing has begun converting their exposed conveyor drive systems to internally-powered Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys after a successful trial in 2004 by Everett McBride. The company's Avery Island facility has battled the effects of abrasion and corrosion since the mine shaft was sunk into the huge salt dome in 1862. Standardizing on models 500M & 630H, Cargill is limiting the number of spares protecting their system. For details and photgraphs, including special Carboline paint system used, go to "Cargill Project".

Rulmeca Corporation Services First 100 HP Rulmeca Motorized Pulley

Rulmeca 100 HP MOtorized Pulley repaired 2009

Rulmeca Corporation reached another milestone in June 2009 when the company provided repair services on a huge model 800H Motorized Pulley. Weighing over 5,000 lbs, this is one of the largest units in service in North America.


Rulmeca Grease Canister

Rulmeca launches Grease Canister Program October 1 providing automatic greasing & purging for optional labyrinth seal system. For information on available kits, go to "Grease Canister".

Rulmeca & Kerco Exhibit at Bluefield Coal Show 2009

Rulmeca Corp. and Kerco Inc. display skid-mounted Dual Motorized Pulleys at Bluefield Coal Show in September. "EZMP" dual drive is configured with model 630H 75 HP Motorized Pulleys.

Rulmeca & Precismeca Exhibit SME Show 2010

Rulmeca will show Motorized Pulley technology at the SME Annual Meeting in Phoenix March 1 - 3, 2010 in Booth #761. The company will feature dual-drives, VFD-drives and grease canisters for Motorized Pulleys.

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