February 2014

Visit with RULMECA to See What's New in Motorized Pulley Technology - Booth #52951

Following the CONEXPO - CON/AGG slogan, "If it's new, it's here," Rulmeca will display its latest Motorized Pulley technology at Booth #52951 in the Central Hall.

Compactness, light weight, improved safety, high reliability, low maintenance requirements, and excellent aftermarket service are why major equipment manufacturers choose Rulmeca for their Motorized Pulleys. The portfolio includes eleven models, from the tiny 3.15” diameter 0.16 HP unit to the huge 40.16” diameter 330 HP monster. When combined in “multiple drive configuration”, conveyor drive power is virtually unlimited.

Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys are used in a wide variety of mobile and fixed plants, including screening, crushing and screening with and without recirculation, cyclone separators, stackable conveyors, radial stackers, reversing shuttle conveyors, and miniature conveyors. The product range summary and a quick catalog look up are available online at


2014 Trade Show schedule for Rulmeca Corporation includes CONEXPO - CON/AGG

Come and see why the leading mobile plant manufacturers regularly incorporate Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys into their designs.

Hermetic shaft seals keep oil in and all harsh environments out while allowing the oil to lubricate all moving parts and cool the AC motor.

Manufacturers enjoy the ease of assembly while operators take advantage of the 50,000 hours of synthetic oil life.

They successfully drive cross belts, screen feeds,
recirc belts, under screen belts, under crusher
belts, hopper feeder conveyors, and transfer conveyors.

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