April 2015

RULMECA Problem-Solving Tips for Bulk Materials Handling: CORROSION

Our new eight page brochure on belt conveyor drives is filled with useful tips on how to reduce costs, increase safety, and improve system reliability. This newsletter extracts information from that brochure and addresses how to mitigate the effects of corrosion on exposed drive components such as the ones illustrated at the salt mine shown above.

Replacing the exposed motor, gearbox, chain, sprockets, coupling, pillow blocks, and personnel guarding with an internally-powered Motorized Pulley has dramtically improved system reliability at this salt mine.

The "before" and "after" photos above compare an exposed and corroded conveyor pulley pillow block bearing on a live shaft with a hermetically-sealed bearing on a Motorized Pulley dead shaft. Protecting mechanical components within the oil-filled pulley shell is what yields a long service life.



RMS Industrial Sales joins Rulmeca Corporation as sales representatives to serve food processing and unit handling markets in the Upper Midwest.

New Rulmeca 4 page flyer describes small Motorized Pulleys for food processing and package handling industries.

New Rulmeca 8 page flyer describes large Motorized Pulleys for mining and bulk handling industries.

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