Rulmeca Corporation expanded our RPM365 service this month in Wilmington, NC in response to growing demand from our customers. Our larger, state-of-the-art facility, and significant investment in Motorized Pulley parts, assembly fixtures, and diagnostic equipment have enabled us to expand this factory-direct maintenance and refurbishment service, which includes…
  • In-house factory-trained technicians
  • original manufacturer’s parts
  • factory repair warranty
  • 24/7 technical assistance hotline
  • library of “how to” videos

Casie Moore (standing left) and Steve Forbes (standing right) give company colleagues their plans on how to continuously expand our RPM365 service at our recent RPM365 Pizza Party.

Rulmeca Corporation’s new 20,000 square foot facility, more than $1 million in parts inventory, and experienced, factory-trained staff enable us to expand our RPM365 service from Wilmington, NC.  Our “Rulmeca Pulley Maintenance” service yields reliable Motorized Pulleys 365 days per year.

Shipping Motorized Pulleys to our Wilmington facility insures pulley users receive:

  • repair/refurbishment technicians with years of specific Rulmeca Motorized Pulley training
  •  replacement parts from original manufacturers
  • factory warranty on all in-house repairs/refurbishments

The expanded RPM365 service package includes our optional “24/7 hotline,” service staffed by Rulmeca Corporation engineers.  For more information on this program, click here.

As an ongoing service to our customers, Rulmeca Corporation is building a library of “How To” video tutorials, available for viewing on our website and our YouTube channel.  Maintenance videos include How To Change Oil, How To Grease Labyrinth Seals, How To Calculate Belt Cleaner Drag.  To view videos, click here.  We gladly accept requests for additional training videos.