Rulmeca Corporation will display Motorized Pulleys at booth #1000 at the 2018 SME Show in Minneapolis, MN February 25-28.  Useful to iron mines, taconite processing plants, shipping terminals, salt mines, copper mines, coal mines, and the like, Rulmeca conveyor drives offer numerous technical advantages to operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel.

As shown here, the Rulmeca Motorized Pulley hermetically seals motor, gearbox, and shafts within an oil-filled pulley shell.  Our personnel can explain why Motorized Pulley technology is ideal for conveyor operators who face abrasion and corrosion problems at mines and processing plants all over the US and throughout the world.

This major Great Lakes iron ore shipping terminal upgraded its two 40-year-old bucket wheel reclaimers in 2015 by installing three 180 HP Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys on each machine.  They eliminated frequent motor burnouts while improving throughput from 1,500 tph to 4,000 tph.  Rulmeca’s ceramic-embedded rubber lagging has proven to be ideal when operating temperatures dip below -5°F.