Rulmeca Corporation hosted a free Motorized Pulley Sales Seminar for distributors, sales representatives, and Rulmeca Canada colleagues at its Wilmington, NC facility on May 16 and 17, 2019.  The instructors enabled all participants to understand Rulmeca Motorized Pulley technology and gave them powerful conveyor drive problem-solving tools.

Brian Vrablic explains hows the Rulmeca Motorized Pulley hermetic seal prevents harsh operating environments from attacking the internal components of the internally-powered conveyor drive.

Mike Gawinski uses an actual working model of a Rulmeca model 800HD to demonstrate how to connect power and control circuits in the terminal box of the Motorized Pulley.

Steve Forbes coaches his team on how to use the Rulmeca conveyor power calculator, catalog, and website to select the optimal Motorized Pulley during the group exercise.

Scott Tomasewski, of Midwest Conveying, requests clarification regarding the thermal protection circuit of the asynchronous three phase electric motor used in the Rulmeca Motorized Pulley.