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2006 by RULMECA Corporation


Rulmeca to present paper at

Bulk Europe 2006, Barcelona, Spain

Mike Gawinski & Wolfgang Gresch co-author paper entitled "Motorized Pulleys Solve Harsh Environmental Problems at North American Ship Loading Terminals."


October 16-17 , 2006 -- Rulmeca will join an international group later this year in Europe to present a new technical paper describing the company's conveyor drives at three ship loading terminals.

Seward Shiploader for Alaskan Export Coal
Seward Ship Loading Terminal:
Alaska Railroad Corporation acquired the Seward Export Coal Loading Terminal in Seward, Alaska in 2003. The paper describes how a 75 HP Rulmeca Motorized Pulley assisted engineers with the 2005 facility upgrade.
BNSF Reclaimer at Allouez Dock #5
Allouez Dock #5 :
BNSF recently upgraded two of their crawler-mounted bucket wheel reclaimers. Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys 100 HP and larger were used in the upgrade. The paper presents details on the conversion.
Bucket Wheel Reclaimer at Escanaba Ore Dock
Escanaba Ore Dock :
More than 20 years ago, this terminal operator installed Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys on the crawler-mounted bucket wheel reclaimer. The machine (and Motorized Pulleys) are still in operation after 21 shipping seasons.

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