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Rulmeca Corp. Motorized Pulley Sales School Initiates "Push" into Latin America


Supported by represenatives from Rulmeca Germany, Rulmeca Venezuela, and Melco LLC; Rulmeca Corporation hosted authorized distributors from key Latin American countries at its January 2013 sales school.

Eight Countries:On a chilly winter day, international guests convened at Rulmeca's Wilmington, North Carolina facility. From left to right, Mike Gawinski (Rulmeca), Miguel Pretell (Blexim - Peru), Steve Bezuidenhout (Melco LLC), Juan Gomez (A.R. Losrestrepos - Colombia), Merle Graham (Rulmeca), Charles Dawson (Blexim - Peru), Juan Carlos Castillo (Solutiones ECM - Panama), Mario Campodonico (Rulmeca Venezuela), Pete Svizeny (Rulmeca), Julio Dalia (Blexim - Peru), Javier Pazmino (CEMACOL - Ecuador), Jess Buck (ZMI - Missouri), Benito Concha (TABSA - Mexico), Tim Tappenbeck (Rulmeca Germany), Jay Graham (Rulmeca)
Three Day Conference:
The group participated in three days of lectures, discussions, exercises, and demonstrations to sharpen sales skills and improve technical knowledge of Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys and other Rulmeca group products.
Model 138E Demonstrator:
Attendees observed a presentation on how to use the new 138E Motorized Pulley Demonstrator. Rulmeca has recently shipped many copies of this demo (which includes a carrying case) to affiliates and distributors throughout the world.
Rulmeca Group Rollers:
Discussions included Rulmeca Group roller brands, including Rulmeca, Melco, and Precismeca. Photo shows Mario Campodonico of Rulmeca Venezuela explaining the features of a Melco Supreme Roller to distributors from Peru, Panama, Ecuador, and Mexico.
Motorized Pulley Assembly and Disassembly:
The group gathered in the company's assembly shop to observe how to disassemble a model 220M Motorized Pulley. Readily accessible aftermarket service is a key factor in establishing Motorized Pulley sales in new territories.
Success Stories:
Photo shows Ing. Juan Gomez of A.R. Losrestrepos presenting a "success story," explaining how he applied sales techniques learned at Rulmeca's 2012 sales school to develop sales in Colombia during the last twelve months.
Celebration on the riverfront:
In addition to hours of classroom work, the group had opportunities to build relationships and share sales experiences. The group paused for a photo on the Wilmington Riverwalk after a Saturday seafood lunch.
New Spanish Marketing Material:
To strengthen Motorized Pulley promotional activities in Central and South America, Rulmeca produced a Spanish language version of key flyers, articles, and movies. All of these items are now "downloadable" from the website.
Interactive Map:
Supporting the new Motorized Pulley "sales push" into Central and South America, Rulmeca published a new interactive map on the website to assist end users in finding authorized Motorized Pulley distributors.