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Model 138E Demo is Popular Sales Tool


Explaining Motorized Pulley technology to people who are unacquainted with the internal drive concept is simplified through the use of the company's 5.5 inch diameter working demonstrator.

Compact and Portable:
Available from Wilmington, NC, the 138E Demo makes understanding Motorized Pulley technology quick and easy. With a total weight of 66 lbs, the rollable shippable case enables users to make demonstrations anywhere from mine maintenance buildings to engineering offices to board rooms.
Functions on Standard Power:
Powered by any single phase wall outlet (e.g. 110v/1ph/60Hz in US; 220v/1ph/60Hz in South America; 220v/1ph/50Hz, in Australia; etc) the complimentary VFD enables demonstration to include speed change, ramp up, ramp down, reversing, etc.
Dramatic Impact:
The interactive demonstration is useful one-on-one or in large groups and allows particpants to actually see internal moving parts. In addition to the pulley's compact size and light weight, the "dead" (non-rotating) shaft is always a dramatic component of the demonstration because that feature is usually difficult to comprehend.
Benefits and Features:
Clear plastic shell enables viewers to observe the rotating gears and visualize how the hermetic seals keep the circulating oil from leaking out while lubricating all mechanical parts and continuously cooling the motor.
Specifications and Price (US voltage):
Motorized Pulley Demo, PN: 6.4BG.FMP.9A9-11.81M, EDP:2.037.020.NXX-300, Model 138E, 5.45in (138mm) OD, 60hz,3ph, 0.50hp (0.37kw), 38fpm (0.20mps), 230v (220-240v), 4ft(1.15m), Powercord with S/S Straight Connector, S/S Shafts, Painted Al End Housings, Special Greased and Sealed Bearings, No Oil, Special Clear Acrylic Shell, No Lagging, Class H Motor Insulation, 11.81in (300mm) RL, Mounted on Al Frame, Operated by Included VFD which runs on standard local power supply input and 230v/3ph Output, Packed in Rolling Travel Case, Shipping Dimensions 29 x 20 x 14 in (737 x 508 x 356 mm), Shipping Weight 66 lb (30 kg). Price: $1,950.00 FOB Wilmington, NC

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