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Rulmeca Drummotors for Mining, Minerals, Packaging, and Food Processing


With the widest range of drummotors in the world, Rulmeca is uniquely positioned to meet your needs for compact, efficient, and highly reliable conveyor belt drives. From food processing to iron mining, from package handling to ship loading, from 0.03 HP (3" diameter) to 330 HP (40" diameter), Rulmeca drummotors drive conveyors with a large portfolio of possibilities.

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Vegetable Processing:
Drummotor Models 113LS, 138LS, and 165LS are providing reliable and low-maintenance service in North America, Europe, and Australasia handling leafy vegetables, carrots, walnuts, and various types of packaged food.
Meat Processing:
Since wash down requirements are very stringent in meat, fish, and poultry handling, Rulmeca's IP69 sealing system has proven to be very valuable.
Potato Handling:
The higher powers required to move potatoes in high volume necessitates to use of Rulmeca drummotor models 220M and 320M, with power available as high as 15 HP. Stainless steel exteriors as well as standard painted aluminum/cast iron (pictured above) are available.
New Food Processing Movie:
An independent agency certified that our new IP69 shaft seal system offers the highest possible protection against ingress of water, even under close range high pressure, high temperature (up to 175° F) or steam cleaning procedures. For an explanation of our IP69 seals and in-house R&D capabilities, click here
Coal Mining:
Originally developed in 1953 to drive conveyors in the mining industry, Rulmeca drummotors provide the most robust and reliable design, especially in corrosive and abrasive enviornments. The recent installation of a 180 HP model 800H drummotor at Westmoreland Coal mine in Kemmerer, WY testifies to our customers' ongoing confidence with our products.
Rail to Ship Loading:
Iron ore handling at Great Lakes ship loading terminals is challenging to conveyor drive systems, especially in sub-zero temperatures. The reclaimer pictured here, recently upgraded with dual 180 HP Rulmeca drummotors, increased throughput from 3,000 tph to more than 4,000 tph. To see the machine during commissioning, click here.