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Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys Drive MiniveyorUSATM for Access Construction


Rulmeca Corporation, November 22, 2010, received a purchase order to supply model 138E Motorized Pulleys to Access Construction Equipment on phase one of a major Arizona reclamation

Minimizes Manhours to Move Material:
MiniveyorUSATM conveyors, manufactured by Access Construction, offer contractors and mine operators an efficient alternative to "man-handling" bulk materials with shovels and wheel barrows. Rulmeca's tiny model 138E Motorized Pulley is the ideal belt drive for this rugged & lightweight conveyor.
Diminutive Size:
Mike Gawinski and Jay Graham dwarf the little 5.5" diameter Motorized Pulley used in the Miniveyor. Better known for mammoth Motorized Pulleys up to 330 HP, weighing 10,000 lbs, Rulmeca also serves the bulk market with fractional HP units weighing as little as 32 lbs.
Confined Spaces/Various Power Supplies:
Since Miniveyors only weigh 180 lbs (10' long x 15" wide version,) they are ideal for handling C & D debris, aggregate, or other bulk material in restricted spaces such as building foundations & underground mines. Available in 15" and 20" wide versions, they come in lengths of 5', 10', 15', and 20.'
  • Miniconveyors are powered by 110V single phase and 480V three phase electrical power, available anywhere. It is possible to operate three Miniveyors on one 20 amp service. Variable speed control and other power supplies are also available.
Rulmeca Miniveyor Demonstrator:
Rulmeca has incorporated a typical Miniveyor, driven by a model 138E Motorized Pulley, into its Road Show Trailer. "Including it with our demontration equipment was only natural," said Merle Graham, "because the Miniveyor emphasizes our product's compactness, safety, light weight, and ruggedness."
Miniconveyors Designed w/Safety in Mind:
The entire system has been designed with safety in mind. The Motorized Pulley is contained within the frame offering no pinch points and the belt edges are protected under guard. This is important because Miniveyors are often used in rental situations where operators are not familiar with conveyors.
  • Miniveyors can be carried into position and set up in minutes. Units can be locked together proving a 40' span. Modular construction lends itself to a customer designed installation.
  • For more information on the Miniveyor, contact Access Construction at 888-843-9109 or download a brochure.

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