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Rulmeca Corp Moves to New Facility

Local Assembly Shop & Larger Office October 2005

Rulmeca Corporation relocated its headquarters to facilitate local assembly and repair on the company's Motorized Pulleys and increase office and warehouse space effective October 2005.
Installation of New Sign Rulmeca HQ The company began local assembly of Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys on a limited basis in July, 2005 using a portable generator. "We had no choice but to begin shipping units from Wilmington," said Mike Gawinski, company president, "the generator helped us test the units we assembled while our permanent 460v/3phase power service was being installed."
Photo Caption: A crane lifts the new company sign into position, September 2005
Local Assembly of Motorized Pulley Rulmeca Corporation assembles Model 220 and 320 units (8.5" and 12.64" diameters) from components manufactured at Rulmeca FAA GmbH, Aschersleben, Germany. All components are stored subassembled to maximize the power and speed combinations available while minimizing total inventory.
Photo Caption: Jay Graham heat-shrinks an input wheel onto its matching output pinion
New Rulmeca Corp HQ Rulmeca will expand its locally-assembled models to include the popular Model 440 (15.91" diameter) in November. Adding this model will enable the company to offer up to 20 HP from the new facility.
Photo Caption: Fabio Ghisalberti, Mike Gawinski, and Joe Hartney (left to right) meet at the brand-new facility in September 2005
Motorized Pulley Repair "We've been surprised by the amount of interest in locally-assembled Motorized Pulleys," said Jay Graham, Product Manager, "we knew our customers would want units expedited from time to time, but we didn't think we'd be asked to ship this many this quickly...this is a good 'problem' for us."
Photo Caption: Jay Graham drains used oil from a ten year old Motorized Pulley before disassembling the unit to inspect it and change bearings and seals. Note pulley was re-lagged before internal service was performed
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