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Rulmeca Offers Expanded Portfolio for Food Processing and Package Handling


Since Rulmeca's market base in package handling and food processing is growing, we have developed a variety of special shell executions to drive positive drive and segmented belts.

Acetal Sleeve over SS Shell:
The shells pictured here (to drive Intralox ThermoDrive® #8050) consist of acetal sleeves pressed onto a keyed steel inner shell. They provide a hygienic and easy to clean surface.
Center V-grooves:
A-section, B-section, C-section, as well as various K-section and O-section V-grooves are available in carbon steel and stainless steel shells. These grooves are ideal for belts subjected to side loads or, as shown in photo, for vertical mount Motorized Pulleys.
Solid SS Shells:
Our 316 SS shells have been configured to drive various positive drive belts such as Intralox ThermoDrive® #8026 and #8050 (see photo).