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Rulmeca Road Show Travels 28,000 miles and Visits 36 States in 2008


By Christmas 2008, Rulmeca Road Show completed more than 100 presentations to nearly 1,000 people on its long US journey.
New Mexico mineSelf-Contained Traveling Showroom:
A built-in diesel generator, walk-in exhibition area, and 3/4 ton pick-up truck make the Rulmeca Road Show versatile and user-friendly. Set up time is only 5 minutes. Taken before a presentation in New Mexico, this photo shows the unit in "transport mode."
Rulmeca Road Show map 200928,000 Mile Itinerary in 2008:
Originally planned as an 8,000 mile US circuit, two major trade shows plus requests for site visits, necessitated two cross-country trips in 2008. Visits included mines, power plants, steel mills, prep plants, engineering companies, equipment mfg plants, and transportation terminals.
Open Pit Copper Mine in ArizonaHigh Arizona Desert :
Visits included ports on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as well as mines higher than 8,000 feet above and lower than 200 feet below sea level. Photo shows traveling showroom near huge open pit copper mine in Arizona.
Rulmeca Road Show in SnowSnowy West Virginia :
Electric space heaters were a big help in knocking off the chill during presentations in West Virginia when temperature dropped below 20º F.
Coal Mine in West Virginia
Freezing Conditions at Coal Mine :
Four wheel drive was a big help getting back on the highway after a visit to a West Virginia coal mine with narrow and icy access roads.
Underground Mine at Night
Scenic Trip...Potash Mine at Night!
"Some of the scenery we saw in 2008 was amazing," said Mike Gawinski. The potash mine at twilight shown here is a good example. Through wind swept high plains, cold mountain passes, and busy metropolitan areas, look for the Rulmeca Road Show at a location near you. To schedule a visit at your Mike at 910-794-9294.


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