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Rulmeca Corp. Services Huge 100 HP Motorized Pulley at Wilmington, NC


Rulmeca Corp, December 15, 2009, announced that it recently expanded its aftermarket service capabilities at the company's Wilmington, NC facility. Rulmeca provided first "factory authorized repair" on a 100HP, 5,500lb, model 800H Motorized Pulley, which is one of the largest Motorized Pulleys in service in North America
Rulmeca ships Model 800H Motorized Pulley from Wilmington, NC
Giant Motorized Pulley:
Merle Graham loads 5,500 lb Motorized Pulley onto flatbed truck for delivery to customer on purpose-built pallet. Note that this Motorized Pulley includes lifting lugs to facilitate handling and installation.
Electrical test of Motorized Pulley
Initial Testing:
After complete initial visual inspection, Jay Graham checks "no load current" draw, as well as load balance, on 100 HP 31.5" diameter model 800H Motorized Pulley.
    Rulmeca upgraded power supply to handle 100HP Motorized Pulley
Upgraded Shop:
Huge Motorized Pulley and new stronger test stand dwarfs existing test stand. Also note upgrades to power supply & soft start device. Testing verified the unit's internal mechanical & electrical integrity. The only repair required was the replacement of the labyrinth sealing system.
    Photo shows replaced labyrinth seal plate
Labyrinth Seal System Replaced:
Photo shows stainless steel bearing cover with labyrinth seal and matching mounting bracket, prior to repainting. Note that regreasable seals must be regularly purged to prevent premature lab seal wear. Automatic grease canisters offer a reliable purging system. See Grease Canister webpage for this Rulmeca option.

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