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Rulmeca Mobile Showroom Itinerary Expands to 24,000 Miles in North America


By May, Rulmeca's Road Show had traveled 14,000 miles visiting mines, power plants, processing plants, engineering companies, and OEMs in 29 states. Through 2008 summer months, visits will include Mountain States.
Rulmeca Road Show Trailer at US Coal MineSelf-Contained Road Show Trailer :
A built-in diesel generator, walk-in exhibition area, and 3/4 ton pick-up truck make the Rulmeca Road Show versatile and user-friendly. Set up time is only 15 minutes. Taken at an Eastern US coal mine, this photo shows the unit in "demonstration mode."
Rulmeca Road Show Itinerary 2008Longer 24,000 Mile Itinerary:
Originally planned as an 8,000 mile North American circuit, marketing requirements have necessitated two cross-country trips in 2008. Visits include mines, power plants, steel mills, engineering companies, equipment manufacturing plants, and transportation terminals.
ive DemoPower-Sharing Demo Conveyor:
Fully functioning conveyor demo shows: (1.) how a Dual Drive System can extend belt and pilow block life and (2.) how Motorized Pulleys may be retrofitted into any conveyor, regardless of HP, brand, and poles of existing drive motor to boost applied power to belt.
Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFD
Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFDs :
Displaying two Allen Bradley PowerFlex VFDs, the conveyor demo enables Rulmeca engineers to explain how multiple VFDs in "power-control" mode offers superior long term performance when compared with older "torque-control" VFD algorithms. Improved VFD control eliminates unscheduled conveyor stoppage in the event of slave drive slippage. Torque-control prevents belt slip on slave and overloading of master.

Head of Dual Drive Conveyor DemoCut-away of 320H Motorized PulleyGroup of engineers in Rulmeca Mobile ShowroomWorking demo of 220H Motorized Pulley




Mobile Showroom Offers "Hands-on" Experience
As shown above (left to right), showroom allows visitors to see fully functioning dual drive conveyor with model 220M Motorized Pulleys, model 320H cut-away, HDTV with short applications-oriented movies, and working 220H with clear plastic shell. To schedule a visit at your facility call Mike Gawinski at 910-794-9294.


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