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Rulmeca Expands Motorized Pulley Distributor Sales School


Rulmeca Corporation will host comprehensive Motorized Pulley sales training for distributors and sales reps on February 6 & 7, 2014 at its Wilmington, NC facility. We will meet 8:00am - 5:00pm on day one and 8:00am - Noon on day two. See registration details

Course Objective:
Through lectures, class exercises, and hands-on assembly experience, our school enables participants to understand Motorized Pulley technology, explain the benefits, solve common conveyor drive problems, and overcome common objections.
Actual Applications Review:
We review many successful Motorized Pulley applications illustrating how the technology solves problems with harsh environments, restricted space, special safety concerns, and other challenging technical obstacles. A special segment on hopper feeder drives and dual drive technology is included.
New Unit Handling/Food Processing Module:
Since the Rulmeca Group began serving unit handling and food processing customers internationally in 2013, our sales course now includes topics such as: small Motorized Pulleys (including 3.15" and 4.5" diameters), driving modular belt with sprocketed and profiled Motorized Pulleys, and computing required power for unitized loads.
World's Broadest Motorized Pulley Portfolio:
With the 2013 launch of our models 80LS and 113LS, Rulmeca now offers the world's largest Motorized Pulley range. Our sales course describes key features and benefits of all models from the tiny 0.08 HP 3.15" model 80LS to the huge 330 HP 40" diameter model 1000HD.
Group Workshops:
Group projects simulating real-life conveyor applications enable participants to use Rulmeca conveyor design software to calculate required power and plot material trajectories & belt cross sections. This expanded course includes "multiple opening" hopper feeder drive calculations as well as "multiple drive" tension reductions.
"Hands-on" Training:
Participants can assist with actual Motorized Pulley assembly and/or repair (depending on our production schedule.) In addition to assembly and repair, the course covers basic troubleshooting techniques. Our facility tour enables participants to see how we can offer "quick ship" Motorized Pulleys from 0.25 HP to 75 HP in 1-2 days.

Course Registration: This course is offered to any authorized Rulmeca Corporation Motorized Pulley distributor. There is no limit to the number of participants each distributor may send.

There is no charge for the school (Rulmeca will provide meals, printed materials, and software.)

To register call Crystal Cooper at 910-794-9294 or email

Local Accomodations: Rulmeca has made arrangements for sleeping rooms at a reduced rate for all participants at the Fairfield Inn, 307 Eastwood Road, Wilmington, NC 28403. To make a reservation, call 910-791-8082 and ask for "Rulmeca Group Rate" or go to Book your group rate: Rulmeca Corporation Training >>. Participants are responsible to pay for their rooms. To obtain the reduced rate, contact the Fairfield Inn by January 28, 2014.