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Rulmeca Motorized Pulley Installed in Illinois Basin Underground Coal Mine


Rulmeca Corporation, November 22, 2010, announced that Kerco EZMP Dual Drive with twin 75 HP Motorized Pulleys was installed to handle

Nested Dual Arrangement:
Twin 75 HP Motorized Pulleys drive 48" wide panel belt to handle 1,200 tph of ROM coal at 600 fpm on panel belt in this coal mine. The conveyor can extend from 800' to 1,200' long to accomodate the movement of the continous miners. With a 24.8" diameter and a 55.12" face width, these model 630H units have a narrow footprint, which is advantageous when moving the conveyor.
Restricted Space:
Configured with discharge boom installed, this "EZMP" dual drive arrangement can also be used without the boom as a "booster drive," as necessary. Drive motor and gearbox are hermetically sealed within each oil-filled pulley shell. Note the absence of an external gearbox and motor, common in exposed drive systems.
Hermetically Sealed and Oil-filled:
Electro/Mechanical equipment located hunderds of feet below the earth's surface can be difficult to maintain. These units have no external bearings to lubricate. The oil-filled pulley automatically lubricates main bearings, gearbox, and motor. This drive is also available with powers up to 330 HP & belt speeds up to 1,300 fpm.

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