How To Eliminate Conveyor Drive Seal Infiltration

Model 165LS 1 HP Rulmeca Motorized Pulley features IP69 sealing, SS exterior, and white food grade lagging for all primary conveyors.


We supply Motorized Pulley belt conveyor drives, serving equipment manufacturers directly and end users through a network of independent distributors & local service providers throughout the United States and Latin America.


This video explains how the Rulmeca IP69 shaft sealing system was designed to resist infiltration during high pressure wash-down, which is required in many food processing applications including protein, vegetable, and dairy.

“Food conveyor drive systems are subjected to some of the harshest operating conditions imaginable. While maintaining a hygienic exterior surface, these drives must endure frequent high pressure, high temperature wash downs. That’s why Rulmeca’s hermetically sealed, internally powered, drum motors are the drive system of choice for conveyor operators and designers worldwide. We offer our customers The Rulmeca Advantage, but what does that mean to food processors? Enclosing the drive motor and all mechanical parts within the pulley shell keeps these items out of harm’s way. However, maintaining an effective hermetic seal long-term can be a challenge in food processing, especially at the interface between the stationary pulley shaft and the rotating end housing. Recognizing the need to specify a seal’s ability to withstand high pressure wash down, the international electro technical commission introduced the classification IP69.

To pass the IP69 test, a seal must be able to resist infiltration while subjected to four 30-second tests with a water spray at 1500 PSI, at a temperature of 180°F, at a rate of four gallons per minute, at a distance of 4” to 6” at four different angles. Rulmeca engineers developed, tested, and refined the seal system shown here.

Generally used with stainless steel drum motors intended for food processing applications, the Viton double lip seal, the PTFE fluoropolymer deflection seal, and the roller-burnished shaft are the secrets to success. Preventing water infiltration under these conditions guarantees that the Rulmeca drum motor, with our IP69 sealing option, will yield a long, reliable service life, even in harsh food processing operating conditions. Our drum motors have been known for their reliability for more than 60 years. Reliability is a big part of The Rulmeca Advantage. Contact us and allow us to put The Rulmeca Advantage to work for you.”