Food Processing

Robust and Hygienic Conveyor Belt Drives For Food Processing

Improves Plant Hygiene
Thanks to its flat, smooth, stainless steel surface and hermetically-sealed design, the Rulmeca drum motor is easy to clean. The Rulmeca drive reduces the risk of contamination in food processing environments.

Resists Harsh Operating Conditions
The Rulmeca IP69 sealing system protects the drum motor from the most aggressive operating conditions. Neither the presence of water, chemicals, grease, and oil nor high pressure wash-down procedures are problems for the drive.

Improves Personnel Safety
The Rulmeca drum motor protects plant personnel from pinch points as well as slip, trip, and fall hazards because it encloses all moving mechanical parts within a pulley shell . The drive eliminates the need for expanded metal guarding around rotating shafts, external gearboxes, motors, and cooling fans.

Reduces Maintenance Expense
Since the Rulmeca drum motor does not use external bearings, which require greasing and inspection, but rather encloses all mechanical parts within an oil-filled shell, it reduces maintenance requirements to a fraction of what exposed drive systems require.

Makes Installation Easier
Since the Rulmeca drum motor is compact, lightweight, and pre-aligned, installation is quick and easy. Setting the drive only requires four bolts and electrical termination. Installation time is usually 1 to 2 hours. Heavy external gearboxes and motor frames, as well as guarding around rotating shafts, are eliminated.

Reduces Energy Consumption
Rulmeca drum motors require less than 90% of the electrical power of exposed drive systems when compared with motor/reducer/chain & sprocket or motor/reducer/V-belt drive configurations.

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