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Conveyor Drive Optimization Tips

Conveyor Tail Drives – November 12, 2019  Marl Pit at Cement Plant (USA), manufacturer delivered this crawler-mounted bucket wheel reclaimer in 2002 to excavate marl from a pit adjacent to the producer’s cement plant in South Carolina. It uses tail-mounted 31.5” diameter 100 HP Motorized Pulleys to drive the 54” wide boom and tail conveyor belts at 600 fpm. Externally mounted brakes prevent material from “rolling backwards” when conveyors are stopped because both conveyors can articulate to a 16º maximum inclination.

Conveyor Dual Drive Technology – November 2, 2019 Iron Ore ship loading terminal (USA) This dual drive system is “nested” beneath the discharge conveyor of a bucket wheel reclaimer. The serpentine arrangement yielded 420 degrees of belt wrap, significantly more than the original 180 degrees. Calculations showed that the additional 240 degrees of belt wrap reduced slack side tension to prevent belt slippage and/or sag, T2, by 29 percent. This drop in T2 resulted in a reduction of 13 percent in T1, total belt tension.

Hopper Feeder Conveyor Drives – October 15, 2019  Limestone Quarry (USA) Two 15.75” diameter 5.5 HP Motorized Pulleys were installed to automatically “choke feed” tertiary gyratory crushers, working in combination with variable frequency drives (VFD) and optical sensors to optimize product size and throughput rate. Each pulley drives a 36” wide belt at a maximum speed of 120 FPM to transfer 4” minus product at 425 TPH.  After testing the “automatic choke feed” concept for two years, this national aggregate producer incorporated Motorized Pulley driven hopper feeder conveyors at five additional quarries in the Southeast and Midwest US.