Rulmeca Motorized Pulley CAD Files

Fill out this online form or download this PDF form to describe your Motorized Pulley and obtain a custom-made STP file.

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  • 3D – exact details are needed to minimize the file size
  • (inner parts and fasteners like bolts and washers will not be shown)
  • Lagging profiling will not be shown except special grooves for e.g. v‐belts
  • Sealing systems will be shown simplified only
  • All rights reserved; subject to changes and errors
  • Details of the requested configuration

  • e.g. 320M
  • e.g.. 750mm
  • crowned / cylindrical
  • e.g. 8mm
  • with / without
  • e.g. external brake
  • e.g. diamond pattern
  • e.g. special H dimension
  • File format

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