It’s official!  After 13 years, “the sun sets” on our time at 6508 Windmill Way, Wilmington, NC.  Rulmeca Corporation reaches another milestone as we began the move from this property to a larger facility in Wilmington, NC on August 14, 2018.  With a larger space and better access to major transportation routes, the new facility puts us into a good position for continued growth in Motorized Pulley sales and service.

How do you move dozens of tons of steel, iron, oil, and wood?  One pound at a time.  The photo shows our staff, supplemented by local help, packing Motorized Pulley components into crates and onto pallets for the 3.5 mile journey while we dismantle storage racks.

Production continues in the midst of the organized chaos as we minimize the disruption to meeting our customers’ needs.  With most of the overhead cranes and assembly equipment at the new larger facility, our guys are assembling the Motorized Pulleys as best they can…just as they did years ago before the last expansion.

Within a matter of a few weeks, we will have all inventory moved and organized and ready to be used in the assembly of Motorized Pulleys…giving our customers The Rulmeca Advantage.