Rulmeca Corporation shot more videos at key customer facilities, such as the Rohrer’s Quarry in eastern Pennsylvania, to help explain “The Rulmeca Advantage”.  The company also added another tutorial to its YouTube channel.

Tim Rohrer, general manager of the family’s quarry, explains how Rulmeca helped his company reduce initial conveyor belt expense and extend belt life by installing a dual drive system to drive the 1,000 foot long conveyor.  The system consists of two 150 HP model 800H Motorized Pulleys.

Rulmeca’s Mike Gawinski says, “If your facility has a conveyor drive problem, then we have a problem…and we will help you every step of the way, until the problem is solved.”

Rulmeca’s fourth tutorial explains why regreasable labyrinth seals are sometimes necessary to protect shaft seals, how they work, and when to regrease them.