Rulmeca Corporation expanded its YouTube channel to include a growing collection of “How To” tutorials on various aspects of conveyor drive design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

The Rulmeca’s fourth tutorial, explains regreaseable seals

●  Why regreasable labyrinth seals are sometimes necessary to protect shaft seals

●  How they work

●  When to regrease them

The Rulmeca’s third tutorial, part two of a two part “Hopper Feeder Drive” series, explains:

●  Arching Theory

●  How to Calculate Hopper Drag Load

●  Pressure Relief Tips

Rulmeca’s second tutorial, part one of a two part “Hopper Feeder Drive” series, explains:

●  Purposes of Hoppers

●  Standard Conveyor Belt Loads

●  Special Hopper Load

Rulmeca’s first “How To” tutorial  focuses on a package handling conveyor supported on a slider bed and shows:

●  How to calculate conveyor belt pull

●  How to calculate required conveyor drive power