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2004 by RULMECA Corporation

European Motorized Pulley Catalog

This catalog is based on electrical power supplies most common in European, Asian, and African industry (e.g. 380 volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz.)  It presents metric units of measure (e.g. 1.5 m/s).

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European Catalog

bullet 1 Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys - Opening Words
bullet 2 General Description
bullet 3 Application photo
bullet 4 Features and Benefits of Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys
bullet 5 Application Photos
bullet 6 Photo of cut-through motorized pulley
bullet 7 Form for "Information needed when ordering"
bullet 8-13 Motorized Pulley 138E specifications
bullet 14-19 Motorized Pulley 165E specifications
bullet 20-28 Motorized Pulley 220M & 220H specifications
bullet 29 Application Photo
bullet 30-38 Motorized Pulley 320L, 320M, 320H specifications
bullet 39 Application photo
bullet 40-48 Motorized Pulley 400L, 400M, & 400H specifications
bullet 49 Application photo
bullet 50-56 Motorized Pulley 500L, 500M, 500H specifications
bullet 57 Application photo
bullet 58-59 Motorized Pulley 500H specifications
bullet 60-63 Motorized Pulley 630M & 630H specifications
bullet 64-67 Motorized Pulley 800M & 800H specifications
bullet 68-69 Parts lists & sectional drawings - 500H, 630M, 630H, 800M, 800H
bullet 70-71 Application photo
bullet 72-73 Special Environmental Conditions
bullet 74 Power calculation - BULK handling
bullet 75 Power calculation data request form
bullet 76-86 Technical precautions for Design, Installation, and Maintenance
bullet 87 Application photo
bullet 88 International Protection - IP ratings
bullet 89 Application photo
bullet 90-91 Oil contents and oil types
bullet 92-96 Electrical Connection Diagrams - 138E - 800H
bullet Optional Extras
bullet Addresses

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